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7 Tips to Smash Your Holiday Sales

Hanukkah has come and gone, but for those of you looking to capitalize on Christmas sales, we have some tips for you that will boost web traffic and increase your revenue. Especially with the looming threat of omicron, online sales are crucial. When you go to a store in person, you have full use of [...]

Why You Should Have a Landing Page (and How to Make a Good One)

If you have your own business, you’ve likely dipped a toe into the waters of digital marketing. Digital marketing is how small businesses not only survive, but thrive. (And not just small businesses either.) What is the most effective form of digital marketing? A landing page. A landing page is a solitary web page created [...]

5 Tricks to Creating a Successful Website

As a Charlotte web design company, we’re obviously in the business of, well, websites. Are you curious what differentiates a good website from a bad one? Why are certain websites successful and others are failures? We have some tips and tricks for you. Websites, as with anything in life, work better when they’re clear. Your [...]

How Small Businesses Can Win Against Giant Retailers

I can’t believe I’m talking about this, but as you’ve likely heard, due to supply chain shortages, customers are being asked to start their holiday shopping early. As in, right now. Otherwise, they run the risk of their gift not arriving on time. "When the world's manufacturers came back online, there was a surge in [...]

How (and Why) You Should Audit Your Website

Right now, students (and their parents) are preparing to go back to school. They’re acquiring supplies, adjusting their routines, and planning ahead. Even if going back to school doesn’t apply to you, the “back to school energy” is still in the air. Why not capitalize on that and do something good for your website: audit [...]

How to Make Your Website More Accessible

You may not know this, but the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies not only to physical space, but also cyberspace. That means if your website isn’t accessible, you could be held liable, aka sued (yikes!). Plus, considering one in four Americans are living with a disability, it makes good business sense to ensure your [...]

3 Reasons You May Not be in Google’s Index

Google, that wily company, instituted a change back in March that you may be unfamiliar with. These days, Google is only indexing mobile websites. What that means is if you don’t have a mobile-friendly version of your website, you’re in trouble. Google has a Googlebot that trawls the internet, finding out what pages exist and [...]

5 Tips for Choosing a Charlotte Web Designer

Isn’t it a little bit conflict of interest-y to write a post about choosing a Charlotte web designer considering we’re a Charlotte web designer? You would think that, but the reality is matchmaking isn’t just for romance – it also applies to business. In order for Web Symphonies to be successful and for you to [...]

4 Things You Should Know about Organic SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is for real one of the most crucial parts of having a successful online business. That’s because the higher your website ranks on search engines, the more likely people will visit your website. That makes sense, right? Who goes beyond the first few pages of a search engine? And if you [...]

5 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Business

As a small business owner, you likely don’t have the advertising budget of say, Nike, but that doesn’t mean your website has to languish by the wayside like a fallen log. No, there are numerous ways to promote your business cheaply and we at Web Symphonies want to help you with that. You likely already [...]

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