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Use Emotion to Boost Your SEO

As a Charlotte web design company, Web Symphonies knows the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), which is what allows you to show up on search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, SEO is how people can find you. Without SEO, your website might as well not exist. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. [...]

How to Know When You Need a Charlotte Web Designer

You’ll notice the title of this post is “how” to know when you need a Charlotte web designer, not “if.” That’s because invariably, you’ll need professional help. We at Web Symphonies don’t mind a little DIY. We’ve written about Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress. Templates are great! But with Wix and Squarespace, there’s only so much [...]

Backlinking Only Semi-important, Charlotte Web Developer Reveals

Last month I wrote about how local businesses can link build. And this month it may seem like I’m contradicting myself given the title of this post but I’m not. In March 2024, Google analyst Gary Illyes said during a conference that backlinking isn’t all that important. He pointed to a page with zero internal [...]

Charlotte Web Designer Shows How Local Businesses Can Link Build

As a Charlotte web design company, we understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is how people find you in this day and age. There are many technical things you can do to boost your SEO, which we can help you with, but think of SEO in terms of strategy. It’s not only [...]

3 Steps to Creating an Optimized ‘About Us’ Page

What’s the first thing you do when you visit an unfamiliar business? After you look at the homepage I mean. If you’re like most people, you navigate to the “about us” page because you want to know what the company actually does. Not to mention, the About page ranks well for brand-driven search queries, meaning [...]

How Do You Know if You Should Redesign Your Website?

You did it! You spent hours designing your website, picking the colors, the fonts, the images, writing the content. It’s out in the world and you’re thrilled! So now you can set it and forget it, right? Like an alarm clock? Unfortunately, no. A website is more like a succulent – sure, it can be [...]

How to Make a Homepage Hero that Hooks Web Visitors

Designing a Captivating Visual Experience Not to be confused with a hometown hero, a homepage hero is a large banner that is displayed at the top of a website above the fold. It can be a picture, graphic, carousel, call-to-action (CTA), or something else. It’s the first element that visitors see before they hit “scroll.” [...]

Increase Your Holiday Sales Using These 8 Website Tips

It’s the holly, jolly holidays, it’s potentially the most stressful time of year. I don’t know if there’ll be snow but I know how to keep your website from getting low, numbers that is. As an N.C. web design company, we’re well-versed in how to increase your web traffic and boost online sales this holiday season. 1. [...]

5 AI Tools to Help You in Business (and Life)

I’ll be real with you: artificial intelligence (AI) makes me a little nervous. I know I’m not alone in that. And at the same time, I’m not an ostrich. I know sticking my head in the sand isn’t going to help me. The people and businesses who succeed, in general, are the ones who know [...]

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Website

This may be a bold statement but if you’re not maintaining your website, you might as well not have one. Seriously. If your website is clunky, slow, unresponsive, or filled with weird characters, what’s even the point of having one? I know, I know, maintenance isn’t fun or sexy. It’s like changing the oil on [...]

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