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Things to Remember for Effective Charlotte SEO Optimization

Because search engine optimization (SEO) is such a buzzword, many businesses recognize they need it, but don’t exactly know what SEO is or how to effectively optimize their SEO. That’s OK! SEO can be confusing! Let us break it down for you. I’ve written about this before, but a quick recap: The focus of SEO [...]

3 Tips for Creating a Business Website

As we’re approaching the end of the year, maybe you’re taking stock of your life and realizing your job sucks. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I’d rather have my own business.” Fantastic! Go for it! However, before you fire up Wix or start fiddling around with Squarespace, there [...]

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Website Design

It’s that time of year again – we’re heading into the holidays and people are thinking about gift-giving. Is your website ready for that sort of traffic? As a Charlotte web design company, we’ve seen a lot of websites and know what works and what doesn’t. Keep reading as we divulge the ultimate guide to [...]

The Timeless Elements of Good Web Design: Interview with Isaac

Web Symphonies Founder and Developer Isaac Moan spoke with Matt Fraser at E-coffee with Experts to chat about web design. What follows is a summary of that conversation but be sure to watch the whole thing, which we’ve embedded below. Web Symphonies has been in business for more than 20 years and has designed, developed [...]

3 Ways to Enhance your SEO in Charlotte, NC

If you have a quick look through the Web Symphonies blog archive, you’ll see we mention search engine optimization (SEO) a lot. That’s because SEO is what makes sure people find your business, especially if it’s a digital one. Yes, there is such a thing as foot traffic for brick-and-mortar stores, but even for them, [...]

6 Things to Ask About for Website Design in Charlotte

Having a website is practically a prerequisite to being in business these days. It’s the most prominent customer-facing piece of digital marketing you have and that means a good website is crucial! It not only drums up new business, it also helps you stay connected to your returning customers. In other words, a gorgeous website [...]

Why You Should Keep Your Website Updated

If you’re like me, summer is the worst time to accomplish anything. All you want to do is have fun – hang out by the pool, read a book, travel somewhere exotic. Summer is the time for fun! Freedom! Letting things slide! Right? That’s the mindset, certainly, but the hard truth is if you’re interested [...]

Is Your Increased Web Traffic Actually Spam?

So you’ve put in the hard work, you’ve started blogging, dropping in keywords to take advantage of organic search engine optimization (SEO), and you’re starting to see results. Yay! Buuuut, is that increased traffic due to real, live, people, or is your website getting hit with a bunch of bots? (It’s heartbreaking to contemplate, I [...]

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website Now

Back in the old days, people found new places to shop by walking along Main Street. However, now, only about 8% of people find new businesses that way, according to emarketer.com. The majority of folks find new businesses either by word of mouth or because they conducted the modern-day version of walking along Main Street: [...]

What You Should Know About Picking a Domain Name

One of the biggest decisions you'll make in terms of your online business is choosing the domain name. You may want to call yourself "Todd's Widgets," but if that name is already taken, you'll have to get creative and choose something else. For instance, your website may have to be "Todd's Widgets NC" or some [...]

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