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How to Design Landing Pages That Convert

A landing page is a web page where you send visitors with the goal to convert them into paying customers, subscribers, etc. It’s typically a standalone page, meaning it’s sole purpose is to receive traffic from your marketing campaigns and generate targeted leads with a focused Call to Action (CTA). The best landing pages are [...]

7 Ways to Win Your Calls to Action – DreamHost

As it turns out, there’s a lot of thought that goes into encouraging clicks. Putting the right message in front of the right people at the right time — an effective call to action (CTA) — is a way to get those people to buy, read, click, and download. CTAs are the gateway to everything [...]

PSA: Severe Vulnerability in All Wi-Fi Devices

This is a public service announcement (PSA) from the Wordfence team regarding a security issue that has a wide impact.Today is being called “Black Monday” in many information security circles. We have had a major Wi-Fi vulnerability announced that affects absolutely every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections. A [...]

The Importance of Regular Website Maintenance and Support

You have a gorgeous new website. You’ve spent so much time designing it, building content for your blog, and ensuring everything is perfect. So your site is good forever now, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, we see this happen too often. People build their dream site and then forget about it because they think now that the [...]

The complete guide to building a sales funnel | Wordtracker Blog

A sales funnel leads your prospects through the buying journey. Not sure where to start? In this blog and gifographic we’ll look at the different steps involved in creating an effective sales funnel. Source: The complete guide to building a sales funnel | Wordtracker Blog

Host with the Most: Evaluating Your Hosting Plan Options

There are many options out there for hosting your website. A 'host' is the server where your website physically lives and you need to have a website host in order to launch your site and have it be view-able by others on the Internet. It can feel confusing to begin researching all your choices and [...]

WordPress Backups Are Critical to Your Security Strategy

If your site is compromised, having access to backups can make your life considerably easier. The fastest way to recover from a hacked website is to restore the latest version of the site that existed prior to the hack. You will still need to close the security hole the attacker used to compromise your site after [...]

7 Easy Local Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using – Whitespark

What’s the difference between a regular link and a local link? Well, local links are links from local sources, typically, websites that are specific to a particular city. For example, a lawyer in Denver Colorado might have some local links from a local Denver newspaper, a local college, and a few other businesses within Denver. [...]

How much does post length really count in SEO? | Wordtracker Blog

Is there an ideal post length? We tackle this topic in-depth to give you a better idea of how your blog post length affects your SEO performance. The bottom line is that people spend the most time reading articles that take 7 minutes to read, which translates into about 1600 words. Once again, focusing on [...]

Google to punish popups on mobile | MailMunch

Google announced that it will be punishing sites that have intrusive popups on mobile starting from January 10, 2017. If you use pop-ups on your website, beware... Source: Google to punish popups on mobile | MailMunch

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