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How AI Can Help You With SEO

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I’ll be honest, artificial intelligence (AI) scares me a little. Like many, I wonder if it will put me out of a job. However, from everything I’m seeing thus far, I’m hearing AI won’t do that, rather, it’s people that know how to use AI that will. In other words, AI is here to stay and the people who know how to use it will replace the Luddites. How can you use AI to your advantage and include your very-needed humanness? Keep reading.

Use AI to help with content creation and SEO

As a Charlotte web design company that’s been in business for decades, we have seen many trends and are often at the forefront of new technology. We are all about using technology to make life easier. To be clear, AI is still unfolding and shaping how everyone will do business but here are some things we think AI can help with:

  • Content summaries
  • Meta descriptions
  • Article intros and conclusions
  • Resources
  • Title generation
  • Image description
  • And more

In other words, AI can do the things you find boring but are necessary for search engine optimization (SEO). As mentioned before, SEO is vital for business. It helps you be found and so anything you can do to boost your visibility to search engines is beneficial. However, SEO takes time. Why not outsource some of it to a machine? For instance by describing images, which helps not only with SEO but also accessibility. As a Charlotte web designer, that means we don’t have to engage in tedious tasks and can instead do what we love – designing websites.

Let AI be Another Brain

You know that saying, “Two heads are better than one?” That’s because two people looking at a problem or brainstorming an idea are better than one. You are limited on your own and that’s why working in teams is so effective. However, sometimes other people aren’t around or available. In that instance, you let AI be your other brain.

AI can analyze large amounts of data and information on a particular topic, which saves time on research but can also help with brainstorming. You can use any AI tool, such as ChatGPT (but there are others), to help you come up with ideas. However, the results are only as good as your prompts, so you may have to keep asking it, but the act of doing so could spur creativity. And creativity is what will be/is in short supply with AI.

To wrap up, like it or not, AI is here to stay, and those who know how to use it will have a competitive advantage. By embracing AI and using it to supplement your skills you can stay ahead of the curve. As a Charlotte web design company, that’s what we’re doing to continue creating amazing websites for our clients.

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