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Key Elements for Good Web Design with Isaac at Web Symphonies

Web Symphonies Founder and Developer Isaac Moan spoke with Matt Fraser at E-coffee with Experts to chat about web design. What follows is a summary of that conversation but be sure to watch the whole thing, which we’ve embedded below.

Web Symphonies has been in business for more than 20 years and has designed, developed and composted over 250 websites ranging from personal blogs to large e-commerce websites. Web design has changed over time – gone are the neon colors and excessive use of Adobe Flash – but the core principles of design and usability remain the same.

Page Speed Matters

One element that stays the same is page speed – you want a functional website that’s also pretty. However, the prettier you make a website, sometimes the slower it gets, and then functionality drops. When functionality drops, people don’t want to visit your website and the whole point of your online “calling card” goes out the window.

Match Your Aesthetics and Personality

Your website has a certain tone, which conveys your company’s personality. That’s accomplished via the language you use, the photos, and the design. For instance, if you’re a tattoo artist or a street photographer, maybe you want an “edgier” look. Your website will use dark mode, the backgrounds are more contrasting, and there will likely be elements that push the edge of design.

However, if you’re a massage therapist, edgy is NOT the tone you want to convey! Massage therapists want softer colors, a cleaner design, and more whitespace. That will create a softer aesthetic to convey relaxation and luxury.

As a web design company, we’ve seen it all and done it all. If you’re looking to design a website from scratch or looking for a web redesign in Charlotte, reach out to us.

Invest in Professional Photographs

One of the things we as a Charlotte web design company emphasize is images. Good pictures can make or break a website. You can have a nice design, a great color scheme, good fonts, and a beautiful layout, but if you don’t have good imagery – either stock photos that fit in with your business or professional photographs of your business – the website will fail. We are highly visual creatures and that means good images matter.

We tell our clients that often the best photos are of you performing aspects of your business. Maybe it’s shaking hands with your customers, performing the task you’re offering, or shots of your office in general. Those photos can be sprinkled around the website and if they’re taken by a professional photographer with good lighting, the proper focus, depth, and everything else, it will make a huge difference on your website.

Clarity of Content

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: content is king. You can have an amazing website, but if it’s filled with gibberish, no one will read it. Your mission of ranking higher on search engines will fail because your website won’t be deemed worthy of visitation. Oftentimes, clients will provide some copy but it’s wordy and doesn’t get to the point. Short and sweet baby, short and sweet.

To sum up, “Designing websites convey your brand,” Isaac says. “It speaks to what your company is about. People can sense that. Your website sets the tone for what services you sell, and it can be that first impression.”

Don’t you want to make sure it’s a good one? If you need help with web design in Charlotte, NC (and beyond), reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.

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