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3 Ways to Enhance your SEO in Charlotte, NC

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If you have a quick look through the Web Symphonies blog archive, you’ll see we mention search engine optimization (SEO) a lot. That’s because SEO is what makes sure people find your business, especially if it’s a digital one. Yes, there is such a thing as foot traffic for brick-and-mortar stores, but even for them, SEO matters because people usually Google what they’re looking for first, and then drive to the store.

Operating a modern business without SEO is like setting up a water shop in the middle of a desert and expecting people to magically find you like they’re a water diviner. (They won’t. Probably.) So that said, what are some ways to enhance your SEO in Charlotte, NC, and beyond? I’m glad you asked.

Check Your Keyword Strategy

First and foremost, check your keyword strategy. What SEO keywords are you currently using? How well do you rank with them? Have you looked at that data lately? The results may surprise you. As a company that does web design in Charlotte, NC, (but not only Charlotte), we see this frequently.

Sometimes the keywords that worked for a company a few years ago don’t work now. Maybe there’s more competition. Maybe people aren’t searching for your keywords anymore. Whatever the case may be, if you don’t take a peek under the hood, you’ll never find out. That’s why our first tip is to review your keyword strategy. If you want help with Charlotte SEO or SEO in general, reach out to us.

Did someone say ‘backlink’?

Another way to boost your SEO in Charlotte, NC is to backlink. Backlinks are when another website links to your website. When that happens, Google says, “That website must have good stuff if someone else took the trouble to link to them. Let’s give them a gold star and make them appear higher in search results.” I mean, not really because Google has automatic processes, but the sentiment remains.

If other websites link to yours because you wrote a hilarious blogpost about SEO in Charlotte, for instance, that helps you. Google interprets that backlink to mean you’re genuine and reliable, which is rewarded. Yay! However, if no one links to you, Google says, “This website must be new, untrustworthy, or operating in a silo. No thanks.”

By the way, there’s a tool called Linkody that we recommend. It shows you who’s linking to your website, what keywords they’re using, and allows you to say “no thanks” to links you don’t like. For instance, as a Charlotte web design company, we don’t want to be associated with any shady or nefarious characters. Using Linkody, we can say, “Yeah, no,” to ensure our website isn’t linked to spam. You can read more about that and other SEO tools in this post.

Jazz Up Your Content

Another way to enhance your Charlotte SEO is to write content and copy that’s dynamic and crawlable by Google’s bots (doesn’t hurt if it’s creative as well!). That means writing stellar blogposts (I can help you with that!). But it also means using those SEO keywords for videos, infographics, ebooks, webinars … if you’re creating it, use a keyword.

Other places to use keywords are the following:

  • Title tags. Keep them short, include a primary keyword, and identify what your business is about
  • URLS. They should be short and sweet with a primary keyword
  • Meta descriptions. Make them interesting for both humans and search engines but also include critical keywords
  • H1 tags. Use them only once on a page, ideally with your main keyword phrase, but also use (multiple) H2 and H3 tags as well to describe your content.

If none of that made sense to you, don’t worry, we’ve got you. As a Charlotte internet marketing company, we know how to do all the things, including boost your SEO. Contact us and we’ll show you what we’re capable of.

Confused about SEO? Don’t stress – as your trusted Charlotte internet marketing company, we specialize in professional and affordable SEO services. Reach out today, and let us demonstrate our expertise in boosting your online presence!

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