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Why You Should Have a Landing Page (and How to Make a Good One)

charlotte web designerIf you have your own business, you’ve likely dipped a toe into the waters of digital marketing. Digital marketing is how small businesses not only survive, but thrive. (And not just small businesses either.) What is the most effective form of digital marketing? A landing page.

A landing page is a solitary web page created with a single goal in mind: to get the page visitor to either buy something or sign up for something (like your email list). That’s it. A website is a fleshed-out entity that lists testimonials, services, your store, etc., but a landing page gives visitors no other option than to buy something or sign up. Landing pages are so successful at this that when companies start using them, their conversion rate jumps by about 10%. Keep in mind the average conversion rate is between 2-5% so doubling that number is a big deal.

Have I convinced you to create a landing page? Great. Now the question is, how do you make a good one? After all, as with everything in life, not all landing pages are created equal. Primarily, making a landing page depends on your budget. You can purchase a ready-made template ($), hire a landing page web builder ($$), or work with a web development agency ($$$). (Might I suggest Web Symphonies, a Charlotte web developer?) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Keep reading.

Ready-Made Landing Pages

You could buy a ready-made landing page easily for $20 and just tweak the content. It would be cheap and quick, requiring no web know-how. Remember though, you get what you pay for. A template is just a template. You have no idea if it’s the right template for you, or if it will respond well with your potential customers. Sure, you could purchase template after template until you land (ha!) on the right one, but ready-made templates essentially leave you in the dark.

Also, what happens if you need to make changes? You might not be able to do that part quite so easily and have to hire a computer programmer to make changes for you. That “cheap and easy” option may not turn out to be quite so cheap or easy. Plus, there’s the issue of search engine optimization. Search engines will gloss over a landing page if it has quality issues or is the landing page version of a Stepford wife, meaning just like every other landing page with a minor difference here and there. Buyer beware.

Using a Landing Page Builder

Working with a landing page builder is a step up from purchasing a ready-made template but is still a  DIY option. Experienced programmers crafted the builder to help people create simple landing pages themselves so you know the quality of the work is good and customizable. Woohoo! Most of these builders have a trial period so you can test out the services, which is great.

However, as soon as that trial period ends, you’ll get hit with a large bill, especially if your landing page has a lot of features that you added on during the trial. And, similar to ready-made templates, these landing pages aren’t unique because, well, there are a limited number of options to choose from. The cookie-cutter aspect again mean search engines will say “pass.”

Working with a Web Developer 

If you want a proven, high-quality landing page that will convert browsers into buyers, your best bet is to a hire a web developer. If you’re looking for a Charlotte web developer, I know of one…

Working with a web developer isn’t cheap – it can cost upwards of $3,000 – but doing so means there’s a formal agreement. You know what you’re getting and how much you’ll pay. There are no surprise charges like with a ready-made template or a landing page builder. The developer is working specifically with you to create a landing page for your needs, which means it’s unique and search engines will eat it up like they’re feasting at a buffet.

As part of the process, the web developer – whether they’re a Charlotte web developer or based somewhere else – will analyze the landing page, conduct A/B testing, and more. They’ll make sure your landing page is something to behold. And if you think about, the landing page can double your business profits so paying more upfront for a professional will be better for you in the long run. Contact us today and we’ll get you set up with a gorgeous landing page that you’ll love.

To double your profits, get digital marketing with landing pages from Web Symphonies today! Contact us today to increase your traffic and get your name out there faster than ever!

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