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Do Local Businesses Need Social Media? – BrightLocal

We’ve asked whether local businesses still need websites and blogs, but what of social media? Here contributor Shane Barker explains how Facebook and friends still bring awareness, leads, and conversions to local businesses.

Apart from bringing people closer, social media is proving to be a crucial tool for business growth. Numerous businesses, especially local establishments, are relying on social media to increase revenue and customer engagement.

30% of millennials engage with brands on social media at least once a month and 60% of baby boomers look for promotions on it. It’s easy to see why businesses, regardless of their size, are shifting their marketing focus to social media. In fact, roughly 83% of B2B marketers have claimed they use social media.

What’s alarming is that a huge 24% of small businesses still don’t use social media at all. Sure, there’s a lot of noise out there for you to cut through, but as a small business, the best way for you to do that is to use social media. I say this for a few reasons, which I’ve explained in detail below:

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