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Backlinking Only Semi-important, Charlotte Web Developer Reveals

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Last month I wrote about how local businesses can link build. And this month it may seem like I’m contradicting myself given the title of this post but I’m not. In March 2024, Google analyst Gary Illyes said during a conference that backlinking isn’t all that important. He pointed to a page with zero internal or external links that still ranked number one on Porsche cars. Some people are taking that information and running with it. “See! I don’t need to waste my time backlinking!” Is that really true?

As a Charlotte web developer since 2005, Web Symphonies has been around the block. We’re aware of tech changes and know how easy it is to get swept away with new proclamations and become tempted to abandon ship. Here’s the thing: Can you rank highly without backlinking? Absolutely. If you’re a big-time, established company with brand-name recognition of course you can be number one without much effort. But if you’re a small business or just starting, not so much.

The History of Backlinking

I dug around for more info about this latest update trying to make sense of it all. If you think about the history of link building, Google’s announcement makes sense. People have manipulated links, used them as ads/near ads, paid for links, and ultimately tried to game the system. As a Charlotte web developer, we’ve seen some bad practices when it comes to SEO and link building. Google has too. In response, Google changed its practices.

Google’s mission is to provide relevant and useful information to searchers. Because of AI and natural language processing, Google can better sort information, and thus links carry less weight. However, that doesn’t mean they’re no longer important, just less so. Backlinking is still a factor but not an important factor.

In other words, sort out your content first. Make sure you’re offering something valuable to internet searchers. Find your proper keywords. Organize the technical parts of your page. And then start backlinking. When people are redirected to your website will they want to stay? That’s what matters much more than if you have a billion backlinks.


So, to recap, sensational stories will say backlinking isn’t important but they’re missing the nuance. Backlinking is not important but it’s still relevant. It’s semi-important. Most businesses still need backlinks to prove they’re authorities. They also need the boost in web traffic that backlinking provides. Yes, it’s possible to be ranked number one on a search engine results page (SERP) without any backlinks thanks to AI and natural language processing, but that’s not available for everyone.

You know what is available to everyone? Creating good content that people want to read. Answering questions people have about your business. And using keywords that are relevant to what you do. It’s simple but not easy. Luckily, you don’t have to figure out everything alone because your favorite Charlotte web developer (aka, Web Symphonies) is here to help. Get in touch with us via email or call (704) 336-9113.

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