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Your website’s design is an important representation of your business. Ideally your website design should be a seamless delivery of your brand to visitors. It should be an accurate and nice reflection of your company, while also providing a good navigation experience so that your visitors are left with a favorable first impression. Good branding, a familiar layout, responsive design, and professional pictures are all important parts of effective and stylish web design.

Good Website Design Includes:

Good Branding.It is always encouraged to make a consistent branding experience, starting with your logo and brand colors, incorporating onto your brochures and marketing literature, and integrating these elements onto to your website. Ensuring that your logo and brand colors are carried over onto your website provides a consistent experience to your visitors when doing business with your company. Also if you have a company slogan or mission statement, conveying this in an appropriate way will further add to your marketing message.

Familiar Layout.When planning your website’s layout, it is important to position the elements in such a way that it is familiar to a typical user of the internet. For example, having the main navigation menu across the top of the website, somewhere in the header, is a standard practice, and will provide a familiar browsing experience to your visitors. Having your website’s elements in an unfamiliar place could end up confusing your visitors. This has been linked to losing conversions or losing a potential sale, and could end up making your site less trustworthy. Also, including prominently displayed contact information and/or a form to get in touch with you is vital to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to get in touch with you. Making your visitors click as little as possible will less the barrier to getting in touch with you. This also increases conversions and calls to give you an possibility to sell and promotes your products or services. At Web Symphonies we pride ourselves on designing good layouts and providing beautiful website design in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Responsive Design: Ensuring Your Website Looks Great on Any Device

Clean Responsive Design.The current trend in website design is for clean and responsive design. Essentially, “less is more,” especially when having the additional requirement to work well across all devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). Every element on your website is another piece of your website that your browser has to download to display, so it’s important to only include essential elements, and lessen the download times as much as possible. Fast loading times is also important for SEO (getting found in Google). Responsive design also includes the idea that you don’t need a separate mobile version of your website. Instead, the elements on your website should gracefully respond to resizing your browser to any size, while maintaining the integrity without having to use scroll bars or frequently zoom in and out on mobile devices.

Good Pictures. Having vibrant, effective, and fast loading pictures can make a huge difference to your website design. Using stock photos should be a last resort, and it’s generally encouraged to use personal and relevant photos of you and your business. Also, if it’s in the budget, professional photography can make a big difference to the overall professionalism of your website.

Finally, and most importantly, a good website design is something that you like and that appeals to you. And if you’re able to incorporate the above elements in your design, you will ensure a well done and responsive website that is sure to impress your visitors. We can work with you to create a beautiful and custom web design that meets your needs and conveys your brand. Give us a call to get started on your web design today: 704-336-9113

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